The Centre for Global Development Research operates its research activities under a virtual institutional framework that facilitates the services of experts to support rigorous analysis of primary and secondary data and information from all sectors of economy, governance and social activities. The technical expertise includes inter-alia: high quality quantitative empirical research; econometric modelling; forecasting & simulating economic and business trends, public policy, and taxation; economic/social/environmental cost benefit analysis; consumer behaviour and big-data analysis; econometrics of organisational behaviour and decision making including competitiveness, investment choice, least cost analysis, risk analysis, financial analysis, and artificial neural network modelling, and valuation; indexing and ranking; stochastic frontier approach; techniques used in programs evaluation including randomised experiments, propensity score matching, input-output analysis, social accounting matrix, and computable general equilibrium modelling.


Kanhaiya Singh
Director Research

Dr. Kanhaiya Singh has research interest in diverse fields of economics and has produced reports and papers covering areas of Macroeconomic Modelling and Policy Analysis, Applied Econometrics and Forecasting, Input-Output Analysis, Sector Specific Analysis, Environmental Economics, International Trade and regional Integration, Agriculture & Food Security, Growth and Development Economics, and Defence Economics. He has authored over 40 articles, chapters in books, reports and conference papers published mostly in international journals. Dr. Singh has worked in Public Sector, Private Sector and Central Government as Technocrat before taking up career in Economics. Dr. Singh was Senior Fellow at the National Council of Applied Economic Research New Delhi. He has collaborated with various organizations including the Asian Development Bank; International Monetary Fund; Department for International Development (DFID), British High Commission; Canada International Development Agency (CIDA); Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Government of Australia; FASID, Tokyo; and various organs of Government of India and Corporates.



Prof. Kaliappa Kalirajan 
Patron and Advisor
(PhD, the Australian University, Canberra, Australia) 

Professor Kalirajan is a highly accredited professor at the Australian National University, Canberra and is also a regular Visiting Professor at the International University of Japan, Tokyo. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Madras School of Economics, Chennai. Professor Kalirajan has specialization and research interest in areas of Applied Development Economics; Applied Econometrics; Applied International Economics; Modeling and Analysis of Sources of Growth; Regional Economic Groupings and International Trade; and Macro Econometric Modeling and Policy Analysis. Professor Kalirajan has done pioneering work in developing methods of stochastic frontier approach for estimating technical efficiency in production and export efficiency in trade. Professor Kalirajan, with more than one hundred and fifty International journal articles and fifteen books presents a formidable record of scholarly research, consultancy and publication. He is currently in the editorial board of seven leading academic and policy oriented journals in Economics.



Professor Ulaganathan Sankar 
(PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA) 

Professor Sankar is a senior Emeritus Professor at the Madras School of Economics and commands the respect of fatherly figure in the fraternity of Economists of the country. Professor Sankar specializes in Environmental Economics, Trade and Environment, Applied Econometrics, and Economics of Regulation and has served as the Director of Madras School of Economics for several years. He has been a member of more than thirty committees related to policy formulation in Central and State Governments in India and written more than ten books and many scholarly articles in international journals.

Chhaya Singh
Founder Director
Ms. Chhaya Singh is the founder Director of the company. The mission and values of the company are reflection of her vision for serving humanity through research, awareness and knowledge. Before taking up this assignment, she had worked as a grass root worker in Australia during 1998-2002. It was during this period that she learned the importance of dignity of work, knowledge and research. After few years of returning to India, in 2005, she invested all her earnings and experience to setup along with her daughter Ms. Garima Singh, the Centre for Global Development Research (CGDR) with a broad vision and strong resolve of a successful Research Company in private sector. Her other interests include Painting, International Politics, Mythology and Helping disabled children for their education.